This is such a proud mama moment… This doll bed was made entirely by my 14-year-old son, Prithvi.  He’s been taking woodshop at school as one of his electives and absolutely loves it.  So, for his birthday this year we got him a couple power tools.  The first thing he built was a saw horse :: gotta have a work surface for all those woodworking projects right?  Next up was this… Kiki has been asking for a doll’s bed for… Read more »

… the crafting kind, that is! Scraped knees are a common thing with 5-year-olds.  Miss. Kiki is always skinning her knees and as a result almost all of her jeans and leggings have holes in them near the knees.  I mostly just ignore the holes until they start going right across the front.  Moms, you know what I’m talking about, right? Right?? This particular pair of jeans are her favorite and so she was really teary and apologetic that they… Read more »

The socks I was knitting for my son’s ginormous feet are done!  Happy dance!! He said that they fit perfectly and are super soft and hinted that he would like another pair.  Um… maybe after I knit a few sweaters first 😉 I knit these socks as a part of the knit-along hosted by Kelly of CelticCastOn.  There have been so many lovely finished pairs of Business Casuals that have been popping up on the knit-along thread.  This pattern was… Read more »

With school resuming for the kids tomorrow, it’s time to get back to my usual routine :: crafting, blogging and otherwise. Many of our friends are expecting babies this year and while store-bought baby stuff is adorable, I’d like to put my knitting needles (and stash) to work and churn out a bunch of pint-sized gifts.  I’ve finished the Baby Sophisticate Jacket which is just waiting for some cute buttons to be totally complete. My favorite part of this whole… Read more »

First day of Winter?  Yes! Shortest day of the year?  Yes again!! And life goes on… I’ve got a pile of knitting things to keep my fingers busy. Keeping it real with a peek into my knitting basket, folks! In the spirit of full disclosure, I should mention that this isn’t the half of it!  I’ve got other projects in various stages of progress stuffed into my work-in-progress-bin.  Some of them haven’t seen the light of day in two years…. Read more »

Windschief seems to be my go-to hat pattern for the guys in my life.  The first one I knit was for the Mister using Dream in Color Classy in a classic grey.  He’s worn that hat a TON and it still looks like it was knit yesterday.  Top marks for this yarn! After knitting the Ranger sweater for Prithvi, I had a bit of yarn leftover.  Although, he will never be caught wearing the matching sweater-hat combination, I knit him… Read more »

Outside, the colored canopy is incredible.  Rust, red, orange, yellow, bits of green all around .  Breathtaking. Beautiful. The colors on this skirt will remind me of the magic outside long after every leaf has floated down and the branches are bare welcoming the pause and rest that is winter. Sea Anemone, is a skirt designed by the very talented, Elena Nodel.  The cabled section on the otherwise plain skirt was a welcome twist while I was knitting this project…. Read more »

Finally, finally the sweater for my oh-so-patient son Prithvi, is done!  It turned out great and he loves it. Remember how I blogged a while ago that I ran out of yarn while knitting this sweater and had to order more?  The extra skeins that were mailed to me matched perfectly! The sweater turned so incredibly soft after I washed it and he absolutely loves wearing it.  I wish I’d gotten a bit more ease because when he buttons this… Read more »

 When I picked up Kiki from preschool on Monday she said in a small, exhausted voice, “Mama, my skin is melting!”  Sweet child of mine 🙂  With us west coasters waiting with bated breath for La Nina to leave and those groundhog predictions to actually be miscalculations, we finally got our sunshine in all its fierce glory! Speaking of my sweet children, they made Mother’s Day so special (I’m sure Daddy helped them with their most excellent plans ;)) A fantastical Mom’s Day… Read more »