I’ve been knitting the Ranger sweater for my son, Prithvi, for a while now and despite some gauge checks that had to be done mid knitting and the fact that he seems to be growing faster than I can knit, I was progressing at a steady clip on this project.  I joined the sleeves to the body of the sweater and kept making my way up the yoke decreases when I went to my bag of Malabrigo Rios to pick out… Read more »

The mystery sweater knit-a-long  that I have been a part of is done!  It looks quite adorable – poofy sleeves and all! Since this year’s spring is warmer than normal for most folks, the majority of knit-alongers decided to knit short sleeves on their sweaters.  I, on the other hand, opted to follow the pattern for long sleeves so that Kirtana could get some use out of it later this year too.  The longer sleeves provided for some interesting knitting and… Read more »

Even though I haven’t been blogging all that much lately, I have been knitting and I’ve got three projects going.  One of them is a mystery knit-along ♥ This pattern is for a child’s sweater by the very talented, Elena Nodel.  The members of this mystery knit-along or MKAL get emailed instructions in pieces or “clues”.  Here’s my progress with Clue #1 done from a couple days ago… Soon, I was working my way through Clue #2 and happy that I was… Read more »

I’ve been knitting away on the sweater for my son whenever I get  a few moments.  For all you moms out there with young children, you know how those free minutes are few and far between, right?? Anyway, I sort of wrapped the work in progress around his torso yesterday evening and I realized that this sweater isn’t going to fit him unless I blocked the life out of it once I’m done.  And the chances of it fitting then….. Read more »

 As promised, we got our winter wonderland 🙂 The cuteness!! Despite explaining to Prithvi that 2 cm of snow doesn’t count for the school distric calling it a “snow day”, he was up really, really early this morning watching the local news to see if his wish would come true.  Nope, no snow day today! Snow makes everything so magical and yesterday’s sunset can bear witness to that fact. The first thing Kiki asked me this morning was if we had any… Read more »

Not really, but that song is stuck in my head and I smile everytime I hear it 😀 So, Christmas came early for me since the UPS man showed up this morning with a rather large box.  No, he didn’t bring a boatload of yarn (although, that would have been lovely too!)  He did bring something else that’s been on my wishlist for ages… Meet Scarlett O’Hara!  She now lives in my kitchen and she’s red 🙂 In the midst of… Read more »

New threads for the Little Miss When I first saw this yarn, I fell in love with the color.  I knew immediately that I wanted to knit a cabled sweater with a bit of chic thrown in.  “Functional and fun” was what I had in mind.  I love this little sweater even though it’s got a few boo-boo’s (cough..mis-crossed-cables-tight-sleeves..cough, cough!!) I used Cascade 220 Heathers for this sweater and I’ve already cast on for another one, this time using Ultra Alpaca… Read more »

Time to say goodbye to these cute little cherubs and drag out “Mr. Fakey” to get him all spruced up.  Because Tis The Season! The kids laid out our “snow village” this year and I have to say, they did a fine job of it! I do have a bit of knitting on the needles but since it is for Christmas gifting, I can’t really talk about it yet.  I did, finish (sorta) a cardigan for Kiki in this lovely… Read more »

It has been a while since I knit anything for my son, Prithvi and when he mentioned this fact to me last week, I felt a humungoid pang of guilt!!  Determined to remedy this sad truth I cast on for a hat using some 100% alpaca yarn from Aslan Trends.  If you’re looking for a soft yarn, this is definitely cloud-soft!! I knew that garter stitch would be ideal and so I went on a Ravelry hat hunt.  I came across a pattern… Read more »

I really want to gush about this pattern from designer, Elena Nodel.  She creates the most interesting designs that are great to knit and fun to wear.  Since she’s got a little girl of her own, she cleverly incorporates “growing room” in her patterns with the active child in mind.  So, the finished sweater is not restrictive in any way for climbing and running and hanging upside down!! Cinnamon is from her Spice Girls Series and is a top-down raglan jacket with… Read more »