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When I first saw this yarn, I fell in love with the color.  I knew immediately that I wanted to knit a cabled sweater with a bit of chic thrown in.  “Functional and fun” was what I had in mind.  I love this little sweater even though it’s got a few boo-boo’s (cough..mis-crossed-cables-tight-sleeves..cough, cough!!)

I used Cascade 220 Heathers for this sweater and I’ve already cast on for another one, this time using Ultra Alpaca by Berroco.

The sweater is almost seamless other than a few grafted stitch at the underarms, but my favorite part of this knit is the applied i-cord on the button bands.

Mustard Cables (Ravelry project page)
Pattern: My Own
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers in “Golden Heather″
Needles: Size US 7 & 8 / 4.5 & 5 mm

13 thoughts on “Mustard Cables

  1. Siga

    First, love it that it snows over at your site. 😀
    Secondly, but most importantly, your daughter is cute cute cute. And the cardi is just amazing. Will there be a pattern as you’re knitting a second one?


  2. florapie

    Now, if it’s your pattern, is it really a mistake if the cables are crossed the “wrong” way, or is it a design feature? 😉 Seriously, gorgeous cardi!


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