Time to say goodbye to these cute little cherubs

and drag out “Mr. Fakey” to get him all spruced up.  Because Tis The Season!

The kids laid out our “snow village” this year

and I have to say, they did a fine job of it!

I do have a bit of knitting on the needles but since it is for Christmas gifting, I can’t really talk about it yet.  I did, finish (sorta) a cardigan for Kiki in this lovely Mustardy yellow and after I blocked it, I realized the neckline was all wrong.


I say, better to re-knit than to let that pesky neckline bother me and so it’s back on the needles now.

6 thoughts on “Change Over

  1. Josie

    I so want to put up a Christmas tree..but, we always make a trip to our parents’ place for Christmas that we put up one there. I’m itching to go on our Christmas vacation.

    Love the color of the cardigan.. waiting to see Kiki modeling it. 🙂


  2. Jocelyn

    But those cherubs look pretty!
    Love your winter wonderland – great job, kiddos! If Mr Fakey looks this good, can’t wait to see the real thing!

    No Christmassy stuff for us in Dubai this year – waiting till I get home to unload all that Christmas cheer.


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