First day of Winter?  Yes!

Shortest day of the year?  Yes again!!

And life goes on… I’ve got a pile of knitting things to keep my fingers busy.

Keeping It Real

Keeping it real with a peek into my knitting basket, folks! In the spirit of full disclosure, I should mention that this isn’t the half of it!  I’ve got other projects in various stages of progress stuffed into my work-in-progress-bin.  Some of them haven’t seen the light of day in two years.  Whadyathink…. I should rip those out, no?

Speaking of ripping, look at how the cabled swatch that I made last year is getting a makeover of sorts.  Reuse, Recycle, Renew.

Baby Red 1

A bit of holiday red in the form of a wee sweater for a friend’s baby shower.  Now if I could just get some elves to wrap Christmas presents, I can get a move on these half-finished knits 😉

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