Mmmmalabrigo, Mmmmalabrigo!  That’s what I keep thinking over and over again when I’m knitting this squishy thing. Nope, this is not a sock on the needles :: I haven’t gotten back on the sock train (yet).  It’s another hat, a beanie this time.  The highly addictive stitch pattern makes me want to knit just one more round and then one more! Fortunately, my fidgety model with the strange eyes does not tolerate hats for more than 20 seconds.  So, this one’s for moi… you know, for… Read more »

We’re back to regular life here at Chez Rambling Roses with it being the first day of school today 🙂  I’ve been craving for some instant gratification knitting lately and so I decided to cast of for this hat a couple nights ago.  Instant gratification achieved since I finished it this morning. Right now, it is just a blob and I’m hoping that blocking will work its usual magic so that I’ll have a nice little beret in a few days.  It… Read more »

This year, the kids and I did handmade gifts for Father’s Day. Prithvi baked a chocolate cake from scratch and it was yum-o-delicious!  It was actually quite the feat for a first cake and I’m amazed at how fantastic it turned out.  Kiki made a card and a picture frame-esque thingy with a photograph of her and daddy.  The card was begun at preschool and she finished it off at home, with a whole bunch of squiggles which she said was her… Read more »

The Windschief Hat is probably the quickest knit I’ve done in a really long time.  The pattern is so addictive and has the perfect balance of mindless stockinette with some interesting bits thrown in, in the form of twisted rib stitches.  Yarn overs and decreases makes the ribbing twist all the way to the top :: clev-ER. This is a great pattern by designer Stephen West and definitely gets two thumbs up from me!  The only change I made to this hat was… Read more »

I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders once the Christmas knitting was done.  I’m kicking myself for not photographing a couple of pieces before they were wrapped and mailed away.  I knit two Porom hats since this pattern has passed the hat-stays-on-my-head test.  I used the same yarn but different colors.  The finished hats turned out great and the recipients are going to love them, I’m sure.  They were so quick on and off the needles that… Read more »

Even though we have all the other preceding months warning us of December’s arrival, suddenly, it’s here and the crazy Christmas knitting marathon begins. On a whim I decided this year that I would indulge in some Christmas knitting.  If I had this idea in um…July, it would have been great.  It’s crunch time now and I’m still 6 Christmas knits short and I keep getting more “requests” everyday from family that they would “really, really, really love a handknit gift this… Read more »