We’re back to regular life here at Chez Rambling Roses with it being the first day of school today 🙂  I’ve been craving for some instant gratification knitting lately and so I decided to cast of for this hat a couple nights ago.  Instant gratification achieved since I finished it this morning.

Right now, it is just a blob and I’m hoping that blocking will work its usual magic so that I’ll have a nice little beret in a few days.  It will be a while until I use it with the amazing weather we’re still having.  For this beret, I used heathered Berroco Ultra Alpaca.  The alpaca adds a lovely halo and is so soft to the touch.

It is the same pattern as this hat for which I used Sweet Georgia Worsted.  The different yarns produce finished objects that are quite different from each other.

Once de blob is blocked, I’m sure it will take on a whole new look. I hope that the alpaca halo remains though because I quite like it.

4 thoughts on “de Blob

  1. Kelly

    Woo hooo look at you go! *sings* The race is on and here comes Preeti in the back stretch…….
    ahem! I had a strrrrange dream about you and your summer company last night hahah


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