My posts today seem to be all flowery-like, but considering that I love flowers…this is ok!

Since this post waaaay back, I have been putting off attaching the ties to the Blossom wraparound dress from Magknits. But I finally got my act together and ta-da…Baby K in her Blossom on her 4 month “birthday”

I attached black velvet ribbon which looks great on the orange yarn. At the end of the day, said ribbon was covered in baby drool and had shed most of it’s velvety-ness!!! Note to self – next time use satin ribbon!
I’ve been working on another doll’s dress using this pattern by Hazel Spencer

Pattern Modifications:
I worked an eyelet pattern instead of the drop stitch pattern on the skirt and sleeves. And I used the picot bind off for the bottom of the skirt using
this tutorial from

The button band has a row of single crochet and then some loops for the buttons instead of the usual buttonholes. The teeny buttons are just the normal plasticy kind I got at a notions shop called Al Washia.

I’m suspecting that these buttons are too fiddly for tiny baby fingers but I love how the dress turned out and the doll seems happy too! Here’s Dolly K sporting her new “Buttercup”!

This cardi has been finished for a while now and finally we had some cooler weather and I could get Baby K to sport it last evening. I’m sure she’s going to outgrow it soon but I think that she looks adorable in her first hand-knit:)

No knitting makes me a really cranky woman. Here’s the knitting progress that I have gotten accomplished over the last month!!!! Not much…

But even a row or two every evening when the hubster cuddles Baby K, has kept me sane. The downside, no finished objects in a long time. This is why; I have chosen a small project to work on. Enter “Peace Baby” by the amazing AnnyPurls (did you see her 24 sock-advent adventure!!!!)

I saw this pattern on Anny’s blog a couple months ago and I had to have it – the pattern comes with a great cause too – PEACE!!! I’m loving the instructions and the details and tips that the pattern has and it has been fun knitting this little garment for my adorable Baby K so far.

The yarn is called Home Island that I got from a yarn store in Zurich when we went on our “babymoon”. Granted this is 100% cotton yarn and won’t be the best yarn to block, but the weather here will permit us to wear only cotton or cotton blends and so it’s got to be this. Also, Baby K has been wearing pink, pink and more pink and so I decided to deviate and work this sweater in blue and red and it looks lovely (I think).

I just hope I finish it before she gets too big to wear it…she’s growing so quick and outgrowing most of her newborn outfits. Fingers crossed – I really want some baby-wearing-knits pictures and don’t want to model this on her Teddy Bear!!!

The Licorne just keeps on going folks….

This is the Eyelet Vest from “Special Knits” by Debbie Bliss. I used the left over yarn from the lace top to work on this project. I’m a real sucker for pink:)

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Our precious “Baby K” was born on November 5, 2007 – my best FO of the year!!! She is beautiful and we love her to bits.

Big bro is so proud of his baby sister and we’re thrilled that she’s here because we’ve waited so long for her:)
Blogging has been almost nil because of baby and also because of this…I’m on Ravelry…yay!!!!