Happy first day of Spring everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your bit of sunshine today 🙂 I know, I know I’ve been remiss with blogging but, I’m back!  We kicked off Spring Break with a vacation to Oregon which was great fun.  Cold, but really great fun! I even came back with goodies (uh huh, I fell off the yarn diet… slightly! ;)) Onto the knitting… I finished a pair of super fun socks last month! This pattern was part of the Dubai… Read more »

I had great plans to visit all the LYS-es in our area (and beyond) and probably have tons of time to knit and enjoy the remaining weeks of summer.  But I haven’t done much of that lately thinking that there will be plenty more time for knits and purls and warm woolies soon enough.  Been blueberry picking though and I think that we’ve had blueberry pie, blueberry muffins and blueberry pancakes all in one week.  We picked 50 pounds of… Read more »

When I wake up to rain, I always feel like its going to be a perfect day.  I know that this may sound odd, but I really, reeeeeeeally love the rain.  This past Friday was one such day and perfect it was. This is how it rolled…  (in pictures) For the record, I was not a part of this pack of steel clothed in skin but just a part of the cheering crowd witnessing this year’s Dubai Marathon. You can’t see… Read more »

Angry and Sad.  That’s what I feel.  The terrorist attack in Mumbai that is ongoing is mindless, cruel, cowardly and unthinkable.  I cannot imagine how people can be so evil!! A fellow Raveler‘s parents are being held hostage at the Taj Hotel.  My prayers and thoughts are with the innocents who are going through this harrowing ordeal. Today is the day that so many of our friends are celebrating reasons to be thankful for.  Does evil always have to win… Read more »

I wanted to show Kirtana her first real elephant this summer, but it seems like there were none to be seen anywhere on our travels – we weren’t looking hard enough, possibly.  So, when you can’t ride a real elephant, you just make do…

Our little Baby turned 6 months last week and seems to be growing and blossoming each day with some new trick up her sleeve.  I can’t believe that this squishy-mushy newborn has become a squealing, squirming, smiling kidlet and continues to keep us joyful with her baby-ness. So, onto the knitting… Remember this vest I knit when I was still sporting a bump and before sleepless nights entered my world (Oh, the joys and trials of motherhood)  Look who’s wearing it…… Read more »

Lookit!!!!  Yarn from KnitPicks to add my ever growing stash!!  Seriously, I’ve run out of space in my yarn closet, aka, two huge IKEA bins.  But I just had to have some more yarny goodness and so this was a treat from le monsieur hubster for Mother’s Day (in advance) 🙂 All this click, click, click online combined with yarny happiness can cloud the brain, because here’s what I did Knitters Almanac from KnitPicks – check, Knitters Almanac from Amazon… Read more »

This little fella so enamoured with life… has grown up into this energetic, fun-loving, talented, creative, compassionate young boy, still enamoured with everyday…that’s life:)  Love you, son! Happy 9th birthday!!

My posts today seem to be all flowery-like, but considering that I love flowers…this is ok! Since this post waaaay back, I have been putting off attaching the ties to the Blossom wraparound dress from Magknits. But I finally got my act together and ta-da…Baby K in her Blossom on her 4 month “birthday” I attached black velvet ribbon which looks great on the orange yarn. At the end of the day, said ribbon was covered in baby drool and… Read more »

This cardi has been finished for a while now and finally we had some cooler weather and I could get Baby K to sport it last evening. I’m sure she’s going to outgrow it soon but I think that she looks adorable in her first hand-knit:)