Our little Baby turned 6 months last week and seems to be growing and blossoming each day with some new trick up her sleeve.  I can’t believe that this squishy-mushy newborn has become a squealing, squirming, smiling kidlet and continues to keep us joyful with her baby-ness.

So, onto the knitting…

Remember this vest I knit when I was still sporting a bump and before sleepless nights entered my world (Oh, the joys and trials of motherhood)  Look who’s wearing it…


She seems to look happy wearing it and maybe she won’t outgrow it in a week like she does with most of her clothes!! 

I promise that I will stop it with the pink overload with all my knits on this blog already!!! 

Last post I said that Sizzle was my wanna-cast-on-now project and cast on I did.  Sadly, no pictures or update on that right now (it’s lying rejected in my knitting bag) because I’ve joined a KAL on Ravelry.  Knitalongs are always fun:) 

But, more on that next time.

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