Lookit!!!!  Yarn from KnitPicks to add my ever growing stash!!  Seriously, I’ve run out of space in my yarn closet, aka, two huge IKEA bins.  But I just had to have some more yarny goodness and so this was a treat from le monsieur hubster for Mother’s Day (in advance) 🙂

All this click, click, click online combined with yarny happiness can cloud the brain, because here’s what I did

DUH moment!!!

Knitters Almanac from KnitPicks – check, Knitters Almanac from Amazon – check

See what I mean by my total DUH moment!!!!  Oh well, I have someone in mind that I would like to gift my extra copy to and I hope that she will like it (Elizabeth Zimmerman, what’s not to like!!!)

3 thoughts on “KnitPicks Loot and my DUH moment

  1. Yasmin

    Yummy! Yarny goodness…no greatness!Lucky friend of yours , I’m sure she’ll love the book. I’ve been hearing about this book everywhere and getting all curious and greedy ..lol!


  2. Yasmin

    Shock of shocks! Are you getting Ravelry as a blocked site? I’m totally freaked out! Why is it blocked? And here I was making plans for us UAE knitters and crocheters!


  3. Charmaine

    Laugh! I think I nearly did that once too. I’m always buying stuff from both knit picks and Amazon, so it’s easy to do. Have fun with all your new yarn!


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