All the blocks for my son’s Mexico Quilt are done.  Hooray!

Road To Mexico 1

I love the combination of the golds, blues and greys and this is going to make a great quilt once it’s done.  Haha, that’s the kicker… once it’s done!
Road To Mexico 3

Given the massive size of each block in this quilt, it should be super speedy. Sadly, speed is not my speed!!  So witty, right?!

Road To Mexico 2

Wait there’s more.

Ta-da!  Zinger block in the mix!

Road To Mexico 5

My son wanted me to add some weird stuff (his words) and we tried different combinations… a solid, a really dark charcoal, a green.  Nothing really did it for us.  Then he pulled out this deep red fabric from the pile of contenders and we placed it with the other fabrics.  Squinted at it, stared at the pile some more and thought it might work.

I don’t know if this will be a good idea or not.  I’ll put these blocks together and then decide if it works overall or just looks odd.

Road To Mexico 4

Oh, I’ll keep my seam ripper handy just in case 😉

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The interwebs ate my post from this morning… eyeroll, so I’m having to do a re-post.  Gah!

Apologies if you’ve read this stuff before and you’re looking at it again!

Here’s Take 2…

I finished something!  Say whaaat!!

Surf's Up 2

Yeah, it’s true!  The socks that were on my needles are done, done, done.  Let’s totally not dwell on the fact that I began them ermm… last December.  LOL!!

Surf's Up 1

These socks are for the hubster and I had him try them on after I was done casting off the last stitch. The reaction I got from him was, “groooooaaaaan”!  I’ll take that as a good sign.  These are the first pair of handknit socks he has ever worn.  Shame on me for taking so long to knit him a pair!  But, we won’t dwell on that either.

Here they are all set for a nice long bath before they get mauled into shape.

Surf's Up 3

I don’t have the right size sock blockers, but the ones I do have should work to even out the stitches and also produce a sort of sock shape.  Stripes are so much fun to knit and I just love this self striping yarn.  Easy peasy!  I’ll share all the details about this project once they’re blocked and the tails are woven in.

Surf's Up 4

Handknit socks, they are the best!!

It’s nice to ease into some sort of regular programming these days.  What better way that to showcase a work in progress for WIP Wednesday.

Sticky Diamonds 1

We’ve had a few scary trips to the ER with the little one being ill this September.  It’s always harder when your kids are sick.

But she’s fine now and almost completely recovered!  She’s a bubbly little thing and it was sad to see her so sick and weak.  But that’s in the past and she’s back to her old self now 🙂

Our September calendar is covered in scribbles and notes, but that’s how everyone’s back-to-school schedule is, right?  Right?!  I’ve knit a total of 2 rounds on my sock this month, hah!  So, in the evenings, when I have a few precious moments I’ve been sitting with my glue pen sticking things!  These paper pieced diamonds are just the ticket.

Sticky Diamonds 2

I dug out my scraps and cut them about 1/4 inch larger than my diamond paper template on all sides. I’m thinking I’ll use these low volume prints for the center.

Sticky Diamonds 3

Won’t be too long if I keep this sticky situation going.  I’m hoping I’ll have enough diamonds to turn this into a sunburst (starburst??) pattern and make a mini quilt.  The double whammy with this project has been bustin’ them scraps in the process.

Sticky Diamonds 4

I’ve needed something enjoyable and mindless like this to offset the busy days.  I think I’ll keep that sock close by too 🙂

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Well, hello there!  Did you have a good summer?  I had a great summer and although I didn’t intend it, I took an extended break from blogging and crafting.  I wanted to catch up with my blog friends and even document my summer shenanigans here, but the past few months just whizzed by and here we are… September!

September always feels like the New Year to me!  With the carefree days of summer behind us and the kids back in school, it’s time to turn the page and start afresh!  Oh yes, the only downside is that I’ve had to turn my morning alarm back on, LOL!

My daughter and I had a glorious summer away visiting family and friends in India.  I haven’t been back there for a few years and this was my first time going back without the hubster and our son, so it was really interesting!  A girls only vacation!!

When in India… 🇮🇳👸🏻 #incredibleindia #summerfun #indiadiaries #nammabengaluru #mydesiprincess

A photo posted by Preeti Verghese (@preetiverghese) on

Being by ourselves on vacation didn’t stop us from having so many adventures and we enjoyed every moment.  I was skeptical at first about traveling this extensively all over South India by ourselves.  But my hesitations were unfounded.  In this digital age where information about anything is literally available in your back pocket, traveling can be hassle free.  I found that if I planned ahead and did some research via travel forums and blogs, I didn’t have to waste time having to map out our daily agenda which made things less stressful.  Would I do this again… absolutely!  Although, doing it as a family would quadruple the fun level!!

I tried to document my adventures over on Instagram, hence the phone pics.  Are you on Instagram? I’m preetiverghese over there, look for me and say hi 🙂  I’d love to catch up with you too!

For my trip, I packed some crafty supplies in my suitcase – some knitting and some hand sewing.  But I never even unpacked them!  That’s ok.  There was no deadline to get things done and I was totally fine with that.

With the approaching cooler days ahead, there will be plenty of time and reasons to stay indoors and get creative 🙂  I’m also looking forward to getting back into reading!  My ever growing To-Read list is getting ridiculous!!

I’m hoping to get the Mexico quilt finished this month and I’m almost done with a pair of stripey socks.  Also, I’m half way through a slow summer mystery with the lovable Chief Inspector Armand Gamache.  It’s a good way get the creative juices flowing amidst a packed schedule that comes with a start of a new school year!

Did you travel over the summer?  What’s on your crafty list for fall?  Any good books on your nightstand??

Talk soon xo

Turns out that, This bundle + This pattern = Perfect Match.

Wander 1

Remember how I blogged about this gorgeous bundle of fabric in blues and golds that recently landed in my stashed? I had the Mexico Quilt pattern in mind for this awesomeness but didn’t think I would be able to pull it off.  The pattern, as envisioned by the designer, has you use one print for an entire column of blocks.  However, I am known to color outside the lines 😉

I decided to go the scrappy route and use different prints for each block.
Progress 1

Well… when I read the cutting directions for the blocks, I thought I was seeing things.  The pieces you cut initially are HUGE!  To try things out, I decided that I would make only one block to begin with and see how it works out.
Progress 2

Oh.  My.  Stars.

Mexico Quilt Block 1.1

What a gorgeous block, I absolutely love it!!!  This oversized block will be joined by a few more shortly and before you know it, I’ll have a whole quilt top done.

Money shot, ahh, I love it so!

Mexico Quilt Block 1.2

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While I’ve been sort of AWOL with family visiting and volunteering responsibilities and the crazy schedules of spring term, I haven’t stopped adding to stash!

Wander 1

This lovely geometric bundle hopped into my shopping bag and now it’s slated to become something new.  The prints are bold, modern and I adore the clean lines.  Totally up my alley!

Wander 2

These are from Joel Dewberry’s line Wander for Free Spirit. I love the golds and the blues paired with the cool greys. This line also has raspberry reds and teals, but I stuck to this palette with a certain 17-year-old in mind!  After I made a quilt for his sister, I think my firstborn needs one too.  He loves anything that is Aztec inspired, so this fabric pull is meant to be 🙂

Wander 3

I’ve finished piecing my Modern Arithmetic (WIP pics coming soon) and cleared up my work space.  So it’s only right that my clean table be cluttered up again with some sunshiny chaos!

So… which pattern to pick?  Why is this always the hardest part!!

Wander 4

For a while, I’ve had my eye on a gorgeous quilt by Jolene of Blue Elephant Stitches.  She wrote a quilt pattern called the Mexico Quilt. I’m thinking this will be my plan for this bundle… well, sort of.  Instead of columns of single prints, I’m going “semi” scrappy.  I think.  Maybe.

Wander 5

I’d better begin cutting this up, before I change my mind!

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Actually typing up a blog post as opposed to formulating a post in my head is always a good thing!  And, there’s no time like the present to hit publish, right?

I’ve got a few small finishes that I haven’t yet shared on the blog so here’s my #LaterPost about these.

Handmade Christmas 5

Two of these FOs were made as Christmas presents so they have long since been gifted to the recipients and were received with delight!

First up is this table runner made using mini squares from the Wintergreen line by 3 Sisters for Moda Fabrics. Granny squares against a creamy background was my plan for this runner.  My go to quilting design – the “wiggle” and a green binding finished this gift.

Handmade Christmas 2

I love the texture of the wiggle 🙂

Handmade Christmas 4

I also had a bunch of leftover 4 patches from a previous project in this fun Christmas print called In From The Cold by Kate Spain.  Half the work was already done, I just sewed the 4 patches all together with a bright red border all around.  You can’t tell from the pictures but the red fabric has stick figure snowmen <3

Handmade Christmas 1.1

I quilted this one with concentric curves – so fun!

Handmade Christmas 3

Then, I added a simple envelope backing and bound it with the same bright red.  Stuffed a pillow inside and another Christmas present was ready to be wrapped and gifted.

I also finished my second Binding Kit, this time in Bonnie & Camille prints (those sail boats, though!!)

Daysail Binding Kit 1

It turned out just as cute as my first binding kit.

Daysail Binding Kit 2

I’m thinking that this will become a great little notions pouch for my knitting supplies :: stitch markers, measuring tape etc.

Daysail Binding Kit 3

Three little finishes and one large WIP… my Arithmetic Quilt 🙂

Process 4

I see signs of spring everywhere with green shoots pushing up out of the ground.  Snowdrops bowing their sweet little heads and crocuses and daffodils and all sorts of other prettiness too!  I hope you’re having a lovely February 🙂

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Cotton + Steel.  I have all the heart eyes for their stuff!

New Possiblities

The colors are vibrant and the prints are interesting and modern. There is always bound to be an special twist in their lines and I love discovering these little surprises.

Square Stack 1I bought a stack of C+S prints from Spool of Thread in Vancouver and I wanted to make a quilt that was interesting but didn’t involve a lot of cutting and piecing, especially on the bias.  Jeni Baker’s, Arithmetic pattern was just what I was looking for.

I measured, cut and had myself a nice-sized pile of squares.  I have to admit that I had to add a few complementary prints from some non C+S lines.  This is what happens when I make a purchase with no pattern in mind.

Square Stack 2

I laid out the squares into the plus pattern with our resident ‘quality inspector’ close at hand 🙂  After a bit of arranging and re-arranging, I got things to where I was happy and stacked them into rows.

She insisted on getting this laid out juuuust right💗➕➕😀 #quiltelf #celebratehandmade #cottonandsteel #incolororder #plusquilt #makeallthethings #quilt

This week, I was ready to get back to this project and so I began chain piecing the rows.  I really enjoy this part of the process because bit by bit the various pieces are coming together.

Process 1

The simple yet brilliant design is so satisfying. There are so many gorgeous versions of modern plus quilts and variations out there and I haven’t come across a single one that I don’t like.

Process 2

I know that I am going to love this quilt once it is done.  In the meantime, I will enjoy every minute of the process.

Process 3

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A pair of Rainbow socks were one of the handmade gifts I made this Christmas.  A while ago, I bought a few skeins of Knit Picks Felici in all their cheery gorgeousness and instantly knew that my daughter would love a pair in the Rainbow colorway.

Rainbow Stripes 4

She’s one of those souls who keeps up a constant stream of chatter, always flitting about on her toes doing twirls and giggling incessantly about everything.  She even giggles in her sleep and I definitely think she dreams about rainbows and unicorns!  My sweet little, happy girl♥

Rainbow Stripes 6

These rainbow socks were such a fun project!

As we all know, it seems like kids outgrow their clothes before the end of the school day!  Socks are no exception. Knitwear designer, Jane Richmond, has a daughter who is about the same age as mine and she wrote a pattern called, Tube Socks for Kids.  With this pattern, you can rest assured that the little person won’t outgrow their socks in 33 seconds flat!

Rainbow Stripes 3

Early December found me curled up in bed with the worst case of the flu I’ve had in years!  I needed a pick-me-up and cast on for Rainbow Stripes while sipping hot tea.  By the time I had kicked the bug, I had cast off the first sock and begun the second!

Rainbow Stripes 1

These were ready and tucked into my daughter’s stocking for Christmas Eve.

Rainbow Stripes 2

When she found them, the squeals of delight and twirling on rainbow toes and tight hugs that followed just made knitting these socks so worthwhile!

Rainbow Stripes 5

They have held up really well with being worn and washed many times already and she hasn’t outgrown them, yet 😉

Rainbow Stripes 7

Rainbow Stripes (Ravelry notes)
Pattern: Tube Socks for Kids by Jane Richmond
Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in “Rainbow”
Needles: Size US 2 / 2.75 mm

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Savoring the still and quiet after the humdrum of the holidays.  The magical winter scene outdoors is really conducive to my reflective mood.


I looked back at my first post of 2015 curious to see if I had made any resolutions.  (Shows how much I paid attention to my list after putting it out there, eye roll!)  I didn’t make a typical list but I said that I wanted to be “focussed, intentional and organized”.  I think I did alright with those goals for the most part.  I feel though, like 2015 passed by in a blur and many of my friends and family feel the same way too.


Change is needed, especially during this present time of instant everything.  I’ve realized that, there is no need to do all of the things, all of the time!  Time to press pause and be content in the moment.


Today, I’m not making a list.  Instead, I am taking some time to look toward all that is ahead.  I’m being purposeful with this exercise so that all the little mundane details that actually make the whole don’t get forgotten and waylaid in the cracks.


A cup of tea and the beginnings of a stripey sock are my companions for this day of quiet contentment.


How was your year?  Do you have any goals for the year we have just begun?  Do you want to pick up the pace and spread your wings or do you want to embrace slow living?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  

I hope you have the chance to savor a still moment or two!