Hi!  Hiyadoin’? I’m doing great, thanks for asking 🙂 We were just away at The Emerald City visiting family and while we were there, look at what we stuffed our faces with! If you’re ever in Seattle, you gotta eat at The Crab Pot.  The mess is definitely worth it! You should also definitely check out this studio.  We were able to chat with the artist, David Smith, and watch him work on a very interesting piece of glass work.  As a… Read more »

We’re out frolicking in the summer sunshine!  A much needed family vacation 🙂 More adventures tomorrow and maybe even pictures of the kids… if I can get them to stand still for 5 seconds!!

Only 3 hours south of us by car is Seattle.  We took an impulse road trip there last weekend and it was fun!  I love unplanned adventures like this and the kids were great about playing along. My favorite Seattle sight was Pike Place Market especially the flying fish with the singing fishmongers.  Check out these funny lamp men!! Wonderful stuff all around Post Alley outside Pike Place Market was very interesting with the famous Great Wall of Gum and fantastic graffiti. Ewww germy and… Read more »