My Tea Leaves Cardigan is done and drying on the blocking board as I speak type.  I ain’t holding my breath though  seeing that I know from previous experience that wet merino doesn’t dry quickly.  Promise that pictures and blurbs of my Tarty Cardi will be forthcoming! In the meantime, I’ve been knitting a couple hats.  One for gifting and another that’s been requested by a friend.  I’m using a purchased pattern for the one to be gifted for which I had the… Read more »

The Molly beret is done and ready for gifting to Sarah. Molly for Sarah Pattern: Molly by Alana Dakos Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy in “Happy Forest” Needles: Size US 2/2.75 mm and US 4/3.5 mm I knit the hat extra slouchy to accommodate the unfortunate hair incident and got Kirtana to model it for me.  Kiki adores Sarah and will do anything for her include sitting still for pictures!  Once again this pattern proved to be a quick, fun knit and even comes in… Read more »

Spring is almost here according to the Weatherman and the calendar.  Spring flowers have broken free a few weeks too early but no one will begrudge their overenthusiastic schedule since they make everything beautiful. I have little something on the needles today, perfect green knitting for St. Paddy’s Day.  I’m knitting the Molly hat again for my dear friend’s daughter who turns 3 next week.  She and her brother had a very unfortunate incident involving a pair of scissors and Dora. … Read more »

No finished object this time although, I have some stuff on the needles.  I would love to say that I have some tweedy number flying off the pointy sticks with plenty of interesting twists and turns, preferably a cardigan with waist shaping, knitted in the warmest wool and in a lovely shade of wintry grey.  Did I mention that its tweedy?  That’s all just in my head.  In reality, I have some lovely projects on the go that I’m enjoying but there ain’t a single cable… Read more »

Inst.Grat.  That’s what I have written on top of my printed copy of Molly.  Instant Gratification is a phrase that every knitter loves.  This beret turned out to be exactly that.  Cast on, knit, cast off, blocked, photographed all within a few days.  That’s a big deal in my knitting world of slow.  Best part is that Kiki loves it and allowed me to take pictures even though the temperature outside was hovering just above freezing.  I think that’s the best compliment… Read more »

I’ve always had a head full of thick, curly, crazy, unmanageable hair.  Some may say lovely, but I say *&??&%*??$#%  A couple years ago, I sat in a salon chair for over 5 hours to have it straightened and I had 3 stylists (I kid you not) painstakingly working what smelled like a combination of bleach and chlorine and rotten apples into my hair to make it all glossy and straight.  I walked out of the salon that day a great… Read more »

Goodbye summer… Hello fall!  Yesterday, we had a plans of going on a post-dinner walk with the kids to celebrate the Autumn Equinox.  Hmm, that didn’t happen.  But we will do it one of these evenings just to see how different things look and feel now that crisp autumn days are ahead – cool and sunny at the same time. We can feel the shift already as the summer weary sun dips below the horizon earlier and earlier each evening… Read more »

“Buscando Azul” – Seeking Blue.  I don’t know much Spanish but that’s what the online translator said and it’s a perfect name for this hat.  Yet again, I’m smitten by the gorgeous-ness of Malabrigo this time in it’s chunky form.  The yarn and the color – love, love, love.  The pattern for this Chunky Dean Street Hat…well, I’m not so crazy about it.  I think it must be the way the decreases turn out on the top of the hat. … Read more »

I can’t believe that I finished the Hurricane Hat in 4 days!!!  For me, this is a HUGE achievement given that knitting minutes in my day are few and far between.  On each round, the placement of purls effectively creates a whirlwind swirly pattern.  This simple combination of putting knits and purls together to create something so lovely is what makes me want to keep going back to knitting. The bits of blue on the forest green of this yarn reminded… Read more »

I’m having blog post title brain freeze here.  The sock is growing steadily and I’m on the foot – I never thought that I would ever knit a sock and now that I can, I am beginning to understand what all the rage about sock knitting is.  My favorite part was the heel and then turning the heel – loved it!!!!  (I’m too lazy to haul out the camera for progress shots and so that will have to be for… Read more »