My Tea Leaves Cardigan is done and drying on the blocking board as I speak type.  I ain’t holding my breath though  seeing that I know from previous experience that wet merino doesn’t dry quickly.  Promise that pictures and blurbs of my Tarty Cardi will be forthcoming!

In the meantime, I’ve been knitting a couple hats.  One for gifting and another that’s been requested by a friend.  I’m using a purchased pattern for the one to be gifted for which I had the perfect yarn in my stash. 

It’s a sweet little pattern and I should have been done ages ago but I have a couple sick kids at home with wheezy chests and leaky noses, so knitting time was pretty much extinct over the Easter long weekend we just had.  They’re  on the mend now, thank you yucky antibiotics!

Continuing on the sweater streak, I’ve been wanting to cast on for this or this or this or maybe even this.  I think that I’ll get the hats out of the way before I tackle another project that takes some serious commitment.

7 thoughts on “Toppers

  1. Kelly

    eeeeeek Tarty Cardi Tarty Cardi!!!
    Several of your soon to be cardi’s are on my list to knit too….. we i’ll actually get to them though remains a mystery.
    Hope the kids are on the mend!


  2. Saritha

    Love love Love the colour of that hat..Waiting to see your cardi..Sure it looks great, just like all your other projects do..Hope the kids get well soon..


  3. kerry

    I think the last option, “Sprossling” would be fab on you! I too, have long since finished my tea leaves cardi, but am loath to block it, for some reason.
    My hubby and I have been down with the same bug your kids have for the past 2 weeks and it’s finally starting to lift, thankfully! Seems like every 2 year old I know, has it as well — nasty bug!


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