With school resuming for the kids tomorrow, it’s time to get back to my usual routine :: crafting, blogging and otherwise. Many of our friends are expecting babies this year and while store-bought baby stuff is adorable, I’d like to put my knitting needles (and stash) to work and churn out a bunch of pint-sized gifts.  I’ve finished the Baby Sophisticate Jacket which is just waiting for some cute buttons to be totally complete. My favorite part of this whole… Read more »

First day of Winter?  Yes! Shortest day of the year?  Yes again!! And life goes on… I’ve got a pile of knitting things to keep my fingers busy. Keeping it real with a peek into my knitting basket, folks! In the spirit of full disclosure, I should mention that this isn’t the half of it!  I’ve got other projects in various stages of progress stuffed into my work-in-progress-bin.  Some of them haven’t seen the light of day in two years…. Read more »

This year, the kids and I did handmade gifts for Father’s Day. Prithvi baked a chocolate cake from scratch and it was yum-o-delicious!  It was actually quite the feat for a first cake and I’m amazed at how fantastic it turned out.  Kiki made a card and a picture frame-esque thingy with a photograph of her and daddy.  The card was begun at preschool and she finished it off at home, with a whole bunch of squiggles which she said was her… Read more »

I needed a quick handknit gift for a friend’s baby.  Some Rowan Wool Cotton has been burning a hole in my stash for years and years.  I remember buying this when everyone was ga-ga over all things Rowan.  I mean, Rowan is still pretty good, but there is so much more to choose from (um, handpainted yarn… be still my beating heart!)  I thought that this blend of wool and cotton would work well for this time of year as well as… Read more »

Even though we have all the other preceding months warning us of December’s arrival, suddenly, it’s here and the crazy Christmas knitting marathon begins. On a whim I decided this year that I would indulge in some Christmas knitting.  If I had this idea in um…July, it would have been great.  It’s crunch time now and I’m still 6 Christmas knits short and I keep getting more “requests” everyday from family that they would “really, really, really love a handknit gift this… Read more »

Instant gratification knitting has commenced thanks to the fast approaching holidays. Guaranteed to keep your noggin warm, this hat was a quick knit and was requested by my cousin.  It fits my 3-year-old’s dome (!!) but that was before blocking.  Once this hat is dry, the yarn will relax enough to fit my 23-year-old cousin just right (who has a very tiny head, whew!!)  Well, that’s the plan anyway!!  This was an easy pattern to knit and the mmmMalabrigo… need… Read more »

Spring is almost here according to the Weatherman and the calendar.  Spring flowers have broken free a few weeks too early but no one will begrudge their overenthusiastic schedule since they make everything beautiful. I have little something on the needles today, perfect green knitting for St. Paddy’s Day.  I’m knitting the Molly hat again for my dear friend’s daughter who turns 3 next week.  She and her brother had a very unfortunate incident involving a pair of scissors and Dora. … Read more »

Haven’t been able to post or knit lately since it’s exam week (for Prithvi, not me thankfully!!)  Lots of cramming happening and hardly any knitting or much of anything else.  Off to re-learn about how our muscles and tendons work.  Will be back shortly! TTFN

Due to Christmas knitting being synonymous with deadlines, I tend to stay away from it each year.  But this past Christmas, there were a couple handknit gifts – definitely a first for me.  I blogged about one in December and it was received in typical baby fashion – squeals of delight tearing through the wrapping paper and then chomp, chomp, chomp on the contents of the package and then back to shredding the wrapping paper.  I did manage to get a… Read more »