I’m sure I’ll be knitting my latest project till the last minute, maybe even blocking on the road and this is why…

One of my cousins is getting married in 2 weeks.  She’s pretty local, lives on Vancouver Island actually.  I’ve picked out a dress to wear but for obvious reasons unless I grow some kind of thermal skin, I’m going to become an icicle.

So, what do you wear with a dress that’s got no arms, or shoulders that’s not a winter coat but still is elegant and provides a teensy bit of warmth?

Fragile Heart 1

A shawl!  Yes folks, I am knitting a shawl!!!

That’s not all. This shawl is knit using laceweight yarn.  I don’t know when I knit something with laceweight last, but it is going very slowly!

And since I’m continuing with the impossible theme here, this shawl pattern has…



I have to say that I’m done with the stockinette section.  So, I’m sort of half way there. I’ve got the lace section, the lace border and the picot bind off left :: all done with beads, aaahhhh!  Yup, certified glutton for punishment!

Beads 2

The wedding is on December 14.  Can I pull off the impossible?

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