Can lilacs fade? Ours certainly have although, they smell just as pretty.

Faded Lilacs

Come on little bean, you can do it!  I noticed a tear on one of the leaves.  I hope it isn’t some pesky bug but just from little fingers “over-loving” this plant.  With all of the petting, it’s amazing that the little thing has survived this long.

Lil Bean



I love this measuring tool that I scored for a quarter at a garage sale this past weekend ♥


But right now, I’ve got to make the second sleeve match the finished one.  Not long to go!

Vitamin D Sleeves

Summer mode is in high gear in these parts and this is only the beginning of May!  Not that I’m complaining or anything but… I’ve washed and put away all of our winter clothing and so it’d better stay this way and not get all freezy on us for a long time!

I’ll be back with something less random soon.  I’ve got a couple quilted things finished and of course, the sleeves on my summer cardigan will be done, woohoo!

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