I was talking to a friend about next year a few days ago without realizing that “next year” is already here!  It has been really good to get back to our routine lives after an insanely busy yet wonderful holiday season. 

Vineet and I even managed to take off for a short break this past weekend to celebrate our 13th anniversary.  My mom offered to look after the kids and we jumped at her offer before she changed her mind!  We wanted this break to be different and so we chose this adorable Bed & Breakfast that was close enough to the city core without being smack dab in the middle.

This place was spectacular with amazing views of the North Shore mountains on one side and the downtown core on the other.  But the highlight was the breakfast that was served to us every morning.  Freaking AMAAAAZING!  Three…yes, three courses of delicious, exotic food.  “Brandied fresh strawberries in lace toffee cups”, who eats this stuff and doesn’t feel like they’re in heaven!

Sorry about the crappy pictures, we had only my little point-and-shoot camera with us this weekend.

Sunday was perfect sunshine with not a raindrop in sight and since that’s so rare in Rain-couver, we decided to stroll down Main Street which incidentally isn’t Vancouver’s main street!  I didn’t have a clue that Three Bags Full is on that same street and that they were having their belated Boxing Day Sale.  Ka-ching!  I walked out of that store with a couple of lovely goodies.  However, I didn’t stop there because I made a couple other yarn related stops – I’m bad, I tell ya! That being said, I love everything I bought!  Show and tell next time:)

It was great to getaway but sweeter still to come back home to the kids who didn’t drive my mother crazy (that’s what she tells me!)

I have been knitting quite a lot but I can’t really talk about the project I’ve been primarily working on since this is a test knit.  Details coming as soon as the pattern is published. But, I can show you my Dark and Stormy sweater which I am so in love with…

I’m much farther along on this sweater than when this picture was taken.  Like I said, show and tell next time – yarn, knitting and the hubster’s Mowl.

6 thoughts on “Next Year Already!

  1. bloreknitter

    13 years? That’s a long way to come! Happy Anniversary. What a great way to celebrate the event. Waiting for the yarn photos.


  2. buzzinginn

    Hi, Preeti ! Glad you enjoyed your stay at the Bee & Thistle! I hope your mom had a great time so you can come back very soon! We are very impressed with your link – how do you do that?


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