A five minute walk from our house leads to this trail

The perfect Sunday evening walk when you have a couple of stir crazy kids who just want to get out of the house

Who wants to stay stuck indoors when there are leaves to be kicked

Or treasures to be picked (am I the only mother to discover stones and sticks and pieces of string and scribbled notes stuffed into every pocket?)

Or whispers to be listened too

And if we hadn’t gone out and hit that trail, we would have mostly definitely missed this

Daylight Savings is upon us which means the sky looks like this at 4.30 pm, yes you heard that right, 4.30 pm!!  It’s not all bad though because I was grateful for the extra hour of shut eye “fall back” provided on Sunday morning 😉

6 thoughts on “Urban Woods

  1. Jocelyn

    I. AM. SO. JEALOUS. 5 minutes from your house? I would probably camp out there every night if it were me. Lovely photos as always. What about photos of the pocket treasures you found?

    No knitting content? *gasp* Someone pass me a brown bag….


  2. Kelly

    Beautiful pics! I wish our trail was flat and graveled like that instead of roots sticking up everywhere. Sounds like wonderful adventures were had.


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