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Visiting the capital is a must for every Island tourist and so we slotted a whole day to explore Victoria.  This is one of the most beautiful cities on the West Coast and is the perfect size to pack in a lot of sights in one day.

There was something for everyone….

For the guys, Craigdarroch Castle and the Fisgard Historical Site

For the tot – the irresistible furry friends at Beacon Hill

The funny Llama called “Smoochy” 🙂

And the giants of the sea…Mama and calf, strong and sweet at the same time

And then time for my favorite, The Butchart Gardens.  I suck at gardening and so this  part of our day hit the awesome button for me!

I think I must have an off-with-their-heads effect on any plant that enters our house!

I told you there would be lots of flowers….

Rambling Roses….I had to see those 🙂

There were so many amazing beauties

And just when we thought we couldn’t take anymore of the psychedelic  array, we walked into the Japanese Garden.  Cool, serene, zen-like

Not a flower in sight but just as breathtaking

On our drive back, the majestic Malahat Summit seen from the Trans Canada Highway.  The perfect end to a fantastic day!

5 thoughts on “The One With The Flowers

  1. knitnkanmani

    love those flowers ,so beautiful ,pp .Such rich colors , breathtaking.The purple flower photo just 2k my breath away !
    That cutie is sooo cute ,with her pony tail,what is she doing 🙂
    and the boy with the sunglasses …cool tourist


    1. Leila

      Gorgeous pictures of a wonderfultrip. You were so lucky to see the whales family, too. I’m glad you had a wonderful time and still had time to share with us these sweet memories.


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