All other knitting has been shelved temporarily so that I can devote my time to a secret project that I can’t really talk about on the blog.  Here’s a little sneak peek…

All will be revealed in due course.  My, my…ain’t I cryptic these days!!

We opted not to do the road trip this weekend which was a good thing considering that the May long weekend always has busy highways and crowded ferry/border crossings.  We stuck around instead and had a great time including some rodeo fun.  YeeHaw!  Sadly, no pictures of any cowboys, but it was fantastic! 

And the big news that I talked about in my last post….

Well, we bought a house! 

We aren’t going to move until July so Prithvi can finish the school year at his current school.  But it’s offish – signed, sealed and delivered (well sorta, seeing that we don’t have the keys yet). 

We’re excited but I’m sure going to miss waking up to this view every morning…

11 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

  1. Anjali

    Wow, is that the view from your house? It’s like a dream! Can I visit you and stay with you for, err, a year?

    Congratulations on your new house!


  2. Saritha

    Congrats!!!Must be so exciting to own a new home, all the furnishing, decorating etc etc wow wow…And the view from your current home is breathtaking…Anyone would miss that..


  3. Kelly

    ohhhh I recognize that knit!
    Congrats on the house, exciting times! Have the kids claimed their rooms yet?
    Does it come with an antique fire truck cause Moose would be all over that!


  4. Jocelyn

    I knew it! I thought it had something to do with a house. Congratulations! This is a great thing, isn’t it? Whereabout is it?

    And that green thing that looks like the completed raglan yoke and a bit of sleeves? Hmm, I’m guessing it’s your own design for a cardigan/sweater. Can I test knit?



  5. kerry

    You will definitely miss that view, but so exciting that you’ll own your own home. Will we still be neighbours, or are you leaving town?


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