This past Saturday, we decided that we had to get out and do something fun together as a family.  Weekend chores like grocery shopping, loads of laundry, library returns, haircuts and all the other things on my list could wait.  The only thing we took care of was the haircut – just a couple of pesky bangs messing with the baby’s vision –  nothing that my kitchen scissors couldn’t fix, so over the bathroom sink it was for a quick snip, snip. 

Pesky Bangs Gone

And then we were off.

We live pretty close to the Golden Ears Provincial Park and so we loaded the kids in the car along with some thrown-together lunch and drove out to hike what is called the “Easy Trail“.  Pretty much flat ground all the way with a few roots sticking out.  Great outdoorsy stuff with very little heavy breathing – just my kinda fun!!!  If Vineet had his way, we’d be rappelling off some cliff and I would be passing out every couple seconds out of sheer fright.  I don’t make secret of my wimpyness and my love for indoor plumbing!  But the food…man, everything tastes so good in the wild, even plain old grilled chicken sandwiches!!

Golden Ears Hike 2jpg

The kids had a great time whooping and running and discovering and making childhood memories.  Memories that they will file away in their minds – the trees, the birdsong, the tide pools – to remember and smile about.

Golden Ears Hike 3

Hope your Saturday was fab too!

5 thoughts on “Walk in the park

  1. iaminchennai

    I love love love the second photo… You are very artistic with the camera 😉
    Kiki is looking so cute.. she got all your features.. 🙂


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