It’s the night before our summer vacation to visit family and friends in India and I’m still not done packing!!!! Before it used to be so easy to just dump stuff into suitcases and hop on the plane. Of course, we would get to wherever and discover that we didn’t have matching socks, or that I forgot to pack my cell phone charger or wall-plug-socket-converter-thingy! I knew it would be different this time and would require some serious planning and juggling stuff around in suitcases because we’re going to be away from home with the kids for over two months and one of these kids is less than a year old!

T-W-O whole months, what were we thinking when we planned this trip!!!!

I decided to get smart a few days ago and make a list and stick with it this time so that I don’t forget anything. Guess what, I’ve gone and lost that list!!

All I can see in every suitcase is that there’s stuff lots of which we probably won’t need but you never know when you might need that roll of masking tape or maybe that pair of scissors that cuts perfect. I’m sure that I’m going to find a perfectly good pair of scissors at my Mom’s house, I think, I hope. Oh well, maybe I won’t pack the scissors.

However, I didn’t forget to pack knitting. Of course, I don’t need a list to remind me about knitting. Which reminds me, it would help if I took along a copy of the pattern for my Printed Silk Cardigan. See, I need that list!

Next stop, Bangalore!

7 thoughts on “The List

  1. desiknitter

    Enjoy! I was just in Bangalore, and although the traffic is horrendous, the weather is absolutely gorgeous. And even though the new airport is, like, near Hyderabad(!!), it is very swanky.


  2. Anjali

    Ha ha ha… don’t get me wrong, but your post reminded me of Jerome K Jerome’s book ‘Three men in a boat’, or was it ‘bummel’? The men painfully make a list and… yeah, misplace it!

    Wishing you and your family (especially the youngest one) a safe and an uneventful journey.


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