Start date on my Vitamin D cardigan was October of last year!!!  Finally, this project is off the needles… huge sigh of relief! I’m sort of on the fence about this one 🙁  I don’t know if I would feel differently if I had lengthened the body so that the “drapey bits” in front draped better.  That said, a whole sweater in this yarn, Tosh Merino Light, is absolutely amazing.  It is light and squishy and the color, even after a good soak,… Read more »

Meet Dottie, my bunny.  Don’t you think she’s just pinch-those-cheeks cute! Yeah, once I knitted that dress, I knew her name had to be Dottie. Stripey tights and shoes with little french knots “snaps” that go on the side  Love! So, there is a bit of finishing involved.  This bunny is knit in pieces and stuffed and seamed and joined together in increments. However, this means that you can really shape the bunny’s face and tummy to look quite bunny-like…. Read more »

I’ve been working on what I thought was more than a few rows on my Vitamin D cardigan every night.  My routine at night is to knit while I go through my PVR list before bed (because who really has the time any more to watch shows at the actual time they’re aired and to suffer through all those commercial breaks?) Anyhow, this is prime knitting time for me and I should have been done with my cardigan with all… Read more »

Can lilacs fade? Ours certainly have although, they smell just as pretty. Come on little bean, you can do it!  I noticed a tear on one of the leaves.  I hope it isn’t some pesky bug but just from little fingers “over-loving” this plant.  With all of the petting, it’s amazing that the little thing has survived this long. Dinner? I love this measuring tool that I scored for a quarter at a garage sale this past weekend ♥ But right… Read more »

The latest sweater to come off my needles is Elia.  This cabled pullover is designed by Julia Trice (MindOfWinter) and she kindly asked me to review this pattern for her.  After a couple false starts with yarn choices, I found myself reaching out to one of my favorites – Tosh Vintage – to knit this sweater.  A great choice since the  cabled work really pops with the well rounded yarn and of course, you can’t go wrong with madtosh colors!… Read more »

I love a spontaneous plan.  We made last minute reservations to take the ferry across to the Sunshine Coast and boy was it a spectacular few days!  It’s a good thing we reserved because this is what was in store for us and the thousands of other vacationers over on the other side… We did lots of hiking, kayaking, late night movie watching, board game playing and plenty of lazing around… every minute was perfect. Even the bald eagles were… Read more »

Sprrrring! With the weather being so crazy gorgeous and the kids on Spring Break, every day has been packed with hikes and picnics and bike rides.  We even managed to spend some time at the beach.  Ok, we didn’t dare get our feet wet what with the water still being freezing cold and all!  We did do some pretty decent beach combing, though. I’ve been crafting a bit here and there.  On my needles is a lovely cabled sweater, Elia,… Read more »

When it comes to yarn (or fabric), color is my friend.  I’m always drawn to saturated, vibrant shades. Never one to shy away from wearing color, it’s always a challenge to pair my handknits with my clothes. I recently purchased a blouse in the loveliest shade of “seafoam” and when I looked for a sweater to wear with it, as expected, there was nothing.  All those handknit sweaters and I came up empty.  Then I spied the first ever cardigan… Read more »

Suddenly, it’s the last day of February! I don’t have much crafting progress for show-and-tell since I’m sort of stuck with the dreaded SSS (second sock syndrome).  However, I’m determined to be monogamous with this project and see it through to completion.  The socks I’m talking about is this pair of Business Casuals. If you’ve been reading this blog for sometime, you will notice that I’m not much of a sock knitter.  That being said, when Kelly announced that she… Read more »

I know, I know… hat-wearing days are almost zero now that it’s warming up, but I wanted to squeeze this post in because I really want to gush about this pattern.  I picked up Jane Richmond’s book Island, at Knit City and so far I’ve knit two patterns out of  5 in the book!  That’s saying a lot!  I love Jane’s pattern writing style and her designs are 100% wearable.  They don’t just get stashed in my shelf of handknits never… Read more »