Uh-huh, I’ve jumped on one.  Specifically, the Find Your Fade bandwagon.

Partial Fade 2

I began this project because I had this one skein of yarn that I wanted to use. It was too loud and crazy on its own but paired with others, it sings a beautiful tune!

Partial Fade 1

The search on Ravelry and Instagram began. Who am I kidding, it was mostly the gorgeous renditions on Insta beckoning me.  Sold!!

Fade Section 3 Blog

I was casting on before I’d thought this through.  Hello, 233 stitches wide and a wingspan of 6 feet!  I didn’t dwell on those details.

I’m past the halfway mark and I have every intention of finishing it.  But, if I am being totally honest, my interest is waning.  As I pack on the rows into this shawl, I’m realizing that the finished piece is going to be nothing short of massive.  Will I use it very much?  Probably not.  But lookit… so purdy!

Fade Teacup 1

The color morphing with the delicious Hedgehog Fibres yarn I’m using has me adding a few rows to my Fade each day.  I’m at section 8 with 5 more to go.  Then I can cast off and clear out some floor space to block this ginormous thing!

Fade Stack 2 Blog

5 thoughts on “Bandwagon

  1. autumngeisha

    Love how yours is knitting up. Such gorgeous colors! Must agree that the finished dimensions are ginormous but the process was soothing and relaxing. I’m tempted to jump on board the So Faded bandwagon because the color melting effect is so addictive. Plus it’s a fun way to use up all of those pretty fingering weight single skeins in the stash.


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