Happy New Year dear friends!  I hope your year is filled with plenty of joy, fun and creativity!!

So 2017 is here and it’s time to focus.  While 2016 was a year of tremendous growth both personally and for my family, I sort of lost my way in documenting and sharing the joys, accomplishments and struggles.  While I try to savor the memories of good times and learn from experiences that were tough, I realize that keeping a record is a great way to reflect and improve.  Onward with the new.

Bright Beautiful 8

Speaking of new experiences, out here on the west coast we’ve gotten used to the grey, moody days that are typical of a Vancouver winter. This is a temperate rainforest after all! But this past December has been a first for us since we moved to Vancouver with all. the. snow!!!

Bright Beautiful 2

We decided to brave the frigid outdoors and go for a walk on New Years Day.  10 minutes in and we were racing back to the car dreaming of piping hot soup.  Now I get what the fuss wind chill is all about.  Unless it’s absolutely essential to walk outside, you will find me in hibernation mode!

Bright Beautiful 5

I’m seriously longing for milder temperatures and dare I say in a loud whisper… rain!  

Bright Beautiful 6

But really, the snow has made this winter feel magical and for the first time ever the Christmas songs we hear on repeat over the holidays have been true.  Winter Wonderland? Check and check!

Bright Beautiful 7

I made a few warm and cozy things over the holidays.  They were quick, satisfying projects and kept my fingers toasty 🙂  I’ll share my makes soon.

Bright Beautiful 4

Here’s to many magical moments this coming year for all of you ✸

3 thoughts on “Bright + Beautiful

  1. Cory Ellen

    Happy New Year! 2016 must have been the year for straying from blogging in pursuit of the enjoyment and challenges of everyday life… but I agree that documentation and reflection are such a great way to connect with both the richness and the possibility of our lives.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos – what a stunning landscape! – and I hope you all stay nice and warm this winter.


  2. Nicky

    I feel the same way. I absolutely neglected documenting life and making events in 2016. It was a sort of surreal year in many respects but I’m renewed and ready to get back to doing what I love. Happy New Year to you and I can’t wait to see what you share with us this year. <3


  3. autumngeisha

    What a beautiful winter wonderland! Happy to see these gorgeous pictures and not have to brave the wind chill though 🙂 Hope that your New Year is off to a wonderful start!


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