The interwebs ate my post from this morning… eyeroll, so I’m having to do a re-post.  Gah!

Apologies if you’ve read this stuff before and you’re looking at it again!

Here’s Take 2…

I finished something!  Say whaaat!!

Surf's Up 2

Yeah, it’s true!  The socks that were on my needles are done, done, done.  Let’s totally not dwell on the fact that I began them ermm… last December.  LOL!!

Surf's Up 1

These socks are for the hubster and I had him try them on after I was done casting off the last stitch. The reaction I got from him was, “groooooaaaaan”!  I’ll take that as a good sign.  These are the first pair of handknit socks he has ever worn.  Shame on me for taking so long to knit him a pair!  But, we won’t dwell on that either.

Here they are all set for a nice long bath before they get mauled into shape.

Surf's Up 3

I don’t have the right size sock blockers, but the ones I do have should work to even out the stitches and also produce a sort of sock shape.  Stripes are so much fun to knit and I just love this self striping yarn.  Easy peasy!  I’ll share all the details about this project once they’re blocked and the tails are woven in.

Surf's Up 4

Handknit socks, they are the best!!

3 thoughts on “A Friday Finish – Take 2

  1. Preeti

    Beautiful socks, gorgeous blues. Love them!!!
    When was the last time I wore hand knit socks? I can’t remember. I have NEVER made them 🙂
    So glad that you managed to rewrite/recover the damage to the post. It has happened to me too 🙁


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