When you’ve got to motivate your 6-year-old to make 22 valentines for her class and you don’t want to opt for the generic box of candy from the grocery store, where do you turn? Pinterest, of course.

I came across this pin last week for non-candy valentines and jumped all over it.  I had the necessary supplies to pull this off :: construction paper, cute pencils, Exacto knife… check, check, check.  I even had said 6-year-old eager and willing to get going… HUGE check!!

Crafty 2

The entire thing took us less than an hour and it was so enjoyable to work on it together.  I will definitely look out for more crafty projects we can make.

Crafty 1

A couple things to note, I changed my printer settings to print out the template onto cardstock.  There are lines printed on the template where you cut slits to slide the pencil through.  I needed to extend those lines to be longer so that my pencil could fit through without ripping the paper.

We stuck a handwritten, heavily-stickered note to the back of each heart and we were all set.

Crafty 4

Her best friends get a little something extra, namely, rainbow loom bracelets.  Tell me that it’s not only at my house that there’s this Rainbow Loom mania going on 🙂

Crafty 3

Valentines craft complete, now, I’ve got to go bake a couple dozen cupcakes!

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