All of the school districts in the Vancouver area have a “West Coast Recess” policy which means the kids go outside during recess and lunch to play outside despite the rain.  If you’ve lived in Vancouver or the Pacific Northwest for any length of time you’ll know that what we call rain is a heavy drizzle for everyone else.  So, no torrential downpour, thunder, lightning or any of those cool things associated with rain.

Doozy 3

Today, however, things are different.

Doozy 2

It has been raining steadily since early this morning (sadly, no thunder and lightning).  I’m sure it’s going to be “an inside day” for the kids and I don’t envy the teachers one bit!

Doozy 1

Our feathery friends are busy doing their thing though and we love watching their antics as they peck at their favorite seeds and discard the ones they don’t like.  This bird seed comes pre-mixed with bits of dried fruit and that is what gets eaten first, every time!  We filled this feeder three days ago… sweet, hungry little friends 🙂

Doozy 4

I’m perfectly content to stay inside and watch the rain and do some crafting.  I’ve decided that today is going to be an inside day for me too 🙂

Doozy 5

3 thoughts on “A Doozy

  1. Pearlin

    oo you have a bird feeder!! We used to have one in Kuwait for the Doves and Pigeons. so interesting to watch. I always feel happy to sit and watch the rain from inside too.


  2. Kelly

    I had to turf the mixed seed and go straight to the black oil sunflower seeds. They were just tossing it all over to get to the 1 or 2 sunflower seeds.
    Enjoy the rain… we are expecting a snow storm tomorrow… say whaaaat??


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