I am so overwhelmed and grateful to everyone who has commented and emailed me over the past few days.  Thank you so very much.  Each word of encouragement and support has meant so much.  This online community of friends has, once again, proved to be a lifeline of support.  My family and I are deeply touched by your thoughtfulness.  Thank you!

The crafty juices are flowing again!

4 thoughts on “Sincerely

  1. Leila Dao

    It’s comforting to see you back to knitting and blogging again after walking through a difficult path. You chose to look up to the sky instead of to look into the abyss. And that is one gorgeous hat to prove your love for life, a busy knitting life, no matter how sad it could be some times.


  2. affiknity

    Glad you got your knitting mojo back. Nothing like a hobby to get you back in the rhythm. That is a lovely shade of brown, Preeti. Your taste in colors is awesome! I know details will come in the next post, but what yarn and colorway is that?


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