3 more days till Spring!

I’ve been a busy bee with so many things needing to be done before Spring break arrives next week and much of my time has been spent in the kitchen.  I’m getting ready with my Spring Break Arsenal ….how come kids are extra hungry when they aren’t at school?  I don’t blame them with trees to be climbed, frisbees to be thrown (almost took out our neighbor’s dog… sorry Roxy!) and general goofing off to be done.  We’ll also be going to The Island for a couple days which will be a nice break from the routine.

Let playtime begin!

There has been knitting too.  On the needles, a little Spring cardigan. 

I’ve just got one more sleeve to go and it’s going to look adorable.  My Garter Yoke Cardi is progressing albeit, much slower than the pint-sized spring cardigan.  I can’t really whizz through it since there are a million stitches on each row.  Eventually, I’ll be done 🙂

Have some green fun today everyone, Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Spring Things

  1. ash

    Beautiful color so pleasant 🙂 , hope you have a wonderful time during spring break :)where is the cutest kid model ever???


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