When you look at something over and over and it becomes so very familiar that you miss so many details like, erm…. the huge big mistake that is staring you in the face.  Remember when I showed you my Dark and Stormy Cardi and said that I would get to working on it pretty soon?  Well, I thought things were going swell and that this week I would really get cracking on this sweater.  Yeah, scratch that because my buddy Jocelyn said that she noticed this twisted cable thing going on with my sweater and asked me if that it was a “design feature” I was adding.

Haha, no design feature, just one HUGE big mistake!  See what I mean…

I thought about letting things be and seeing if I could incorporate this “new” cable pattern through the rest of the sweater.  But, nope!  I knew that this mistake would just feel like a big X on my back, perfect for target practice!  Which is when I decided to rip until the offending row in the pattern.  Then I noticed something else looked wonky, rrrrip another few rows.  Oops, one of the mini cables looked weird, rrrrrip again.  The heck with it, I decided that having the few remaining rows that were error-free wasn’t worth it and so to the frog pond went the whole sweater. 

Once I was done ripping, I glanced at the time on my clock.  It read 1 a.m.  I slept very soundly that night!

10 thoughts on “The Frog Pond

  1. Kelly

    uggggg I feel the pain, I have to rip back 10 inches of my owls because I was too lazy to try it on as I went.
    Poor dark and stormy, while she be revived?


  2. Jocelyn

    Me and my big mouth sends their apologies. Sorry to hear that you ripped from the start, but then again, if that unintended design element niggles at you, best to get rid of it and start a-fresh.

    I’m sure you will be back on track soon enough! You’re not the Cardigan Queen for nothing!


  3. ash

    hey ppp
    for a lay person like me ,it would have looked like part of a beautiful pattern ,not a mistake at all:)
    Still I too have ripped quiet a few knits of my own and its bugging to say the least !


  4. Lina

    Eeek! That’s a lot of work to rip. But, better to do it right than regret it later. And as you said, you slept very soundly that night. 😀


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