The knitting language is full of abbreviations… WIP, FO, YO, K2TOG and many, many more.  If you aren’t a knitter, you’d probably think that this was weird and maybe even bordering on rude.  Last week, I kept losing my place in the pattern I was working on and had my 11-year-old son, Prithvi, call out the pattern rows to me.  After some initial stumbling he really got into it and began a rap of sorts.  You see, he thought that all of the YOs (yarn overs) in the pattern were just knitting exclamations! 

k2tog, YO, ssk, YO, YO YO YO!!! 

Lots of knitting happening here, some of which I can’t talk about yet – test knits, surprise gift knitting… stuff like that.  Now, all of that’s done and I can go back to my regular scheduled cardi knitting mania.

I’m done with the body of my Metro cardigan and moved on to Sleeve Island.  The sleeves should go quickly because these are three-quarter length sleeves and the yarn is worsted weight.  Then, I have a little bit of the collar to get done before this sweater has a date with the blocking board.

My Dark and Stormy cardigan hasn’t seen much action lately, but seeing that I’m on roll with Metro, it will just have to wait on the sidelines a teeny bit longer.  This yarn too is worsted weight and so progress should be quite quick.

I really want to finish knitting these sweaters and get some wear out of them before the weather turns warm because I can see life in the garden already.  It seems like the earth is waking up from its long winter nap and we have little green shoots sprouting from the bulbs we planted in the fall.

I can’t wait to welcome spring blooms and if you’ve hung around my blog long enough you’ll know that I’m a sucker for flowers.

PS: Just my rotten luck…. just as I was typing out this blog post and was about to hit “Publish”, it began hailing.  Whaaaat???!!! ^&%%^$$#  Not golf ball type hail but rather cute little mini pebbles.  Still!!!!  I guess I can hold off on the spring knitting wishlist then!

7 thoughts on “k2tog YO ssk YO

  1. fridica

    YO, YO! 😉 Gosh I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard from reading a blog post! 😀 Actually, I had to interrupt the writing of this comment to wipe tears from my eyes!
    And your Metro is looking soo scrumptious!


  2. Kelly

    Prithvi is not alone, although I don’t make my yo’s YO’s I do put some rhythm to my pattern if I’m trying to remember the sequence, I did the same in school when I was trying to study, works great.
    I can’t believe spring is upon you, you wouldn’t believe the snow we have. I really HAVE to do a post about it.
    Your sweaters look lovely can’t wait to see more.


  3. ash

    prithvi is going to be a super talented musician 🙂
    love the cable pattern in the Metro ,its awesome and the color choice awesoooooooooome the green color .so pleasant ..
    The dark n sexy cardigan and Metro are super -classy ,cant wait to see the finished knits on you 🙂
    The photo clarity in the shoots photos is stunning , WOW..i can almost feel the earth !


  4. Jocelyn

    Hehe, she said Dark and Sexy cardigan…
    Uh-oh, is that a misplaced cable cross on the back that should not be there? *points* Did you get carried away with the cables? Fragrant looks so yummy! More exciting than my drab boring CBG. You look like you don’t need any hand-holding! Metro in CDM … wishing for spring that hard huh?


  5. amanda

    Had to laugh at that last paragraph – just been over at Kelly’s blog where she talks about your spring post whilst she’s neck deep in snow! And it’s STILL just grey here!


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