I’d almost forgotten how exciting it is to knit sweaters for the tiny humans.  You cast on, knit for a few days and before you know it you’re casting off — it’s like the sweater knits itself.  Now that’s instant gratification!

When Kiki announced one day that I had to knit her a blue sweater, my heart sang.  I knew immediately that I wanted to knit her a Tiny Tea Leaves since I love my Tea Leaves Cardigan so much.  She is too young to notice that we would be all matchy, matchy and so I picked out some lovely blue Tosh DK from my LYS and just began knitting. 

Ahem…Knitting Police please note that I didn’t swatch before casting on.  So, gauge swatch, smage smwatch!

This is a great cardi pattern for kids and there were just a couple of modifications I did –mostly to do with the button bands.  I went down a needle size for the bands and knit a couple extra rows so that the buttons would sit in the centre instead of tugging at the buttonholes.  I also added two extra stitches at the underarms.

Every little girl should have her own Tiny Tea Leaves, no? 🙂


Tiny Tea Leaves (Ravelry link)

Pattern: TINY Tea Leaves Cardi by Melissa LaBarre 
Yarn: Tosh DK in “Windowpane” 
Needles: Size US 6 & 7/ 4 & 4.5 mm

14 thoughts on “Tiny Tea Leaves

  1. Josie

    Kiki looks gorgeous in her sweater.. lovely color choice as usual. I have to confess that I get real excited when there is a new post in your blog.. Your blog is a real eye-candy. 🙂


  2. sue

    Oh you both look so pretty in your matching Tea Leaves cardigan. I adore the color of your daughter’s one and the heart buttons are so sweet on it. I just finished one not so long ago for my daughter but it is too hot to wear it at the moment.


  3. Jocelyn

    Now is there a Tiny Tea Leaves male version? Muahahaha!
    Tiny humans….I love that expression.

    You know what, *insert expletive here* gauge swatch! If you have knitted with the yarn in the same size needle, you almost never have to swatch ever again. Case in point, socks. I grab my 2.5’s and my STR’s and away I go. No swatching. Looks like you and Tosh DK have found the perfect gauge harmony.

    You and Kiki look awesome in your cardigans. Fabulous Mama red and Baby girl blue combo.


  4. BloreKnitter

    Awwww…. Kiki looks so cute in that cardigan. I love the color you picked (even though it’s actually Kiki who picked blue) and the pattern. Mom-dauhter look great together in matching cardigans. Kiki is all grown up!


  5. Tanis

    Beautiful little sweater! Knitting for kids is always so much fun. I came across your blog for the first time the other day and just love it! You do such beautiful knitting and take gorgeous photos. Thanks!


  6. knitnkanmani

    such a beautiful shade of blue WOW !Both you girls look stunning ,
    Perfect mother daughter shot love the snap
    Love the sweater and the way the young cheruby fashion model is posing 🙂
    ..hmmm I shd ask u how u did the band, all bella’s sweaters the butons are tugging


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