What an incredible year this has been for my knitting and I don’t think that I’m going to quit anytime soon!  When I look back at all the projects that have hopped on and off my needles in 2010, I feel like I’ve really progressed with the creative part of my life. 

I challenged myself to knit 12 sweaters in 2010 and I only managed to get half way through that goal and knit 6.  But that’s ok because I know that next time I will set realistic goals for myself.  I also realized that as much gratification I get from knitting those quickie hats and mitts, sweater knitting will be my favorite drug of choice!

Ahem…. there are some projects here that look very my like they are unfinished and there are some FOs that weren’t even photographed because I was in too much of a hurry to mail them off to far away places.  But trust me, this is my 2010 FO parade!

Knitting was something that I got into to keep my fidgety fingers still while watching TV or for passing the time while waiting at the dentist’s office for a root canal and believe me, time passes so much quicker in the waiting room when you’re knitting!  When I was “forced” to learn knitting at school as part of my Home Ec grade (“S.U.P.W” was what it was called at my school) I would find any excuse to avoid working on my stockinette square.  I still remember the yarn I used – it was garden variety acrylic in the prettiest shade of cornflower blue.  But that square kept falling apart every time I picked it up – dropped stitches and accidental yarn overs were to blame.  Added to that was my lack of enthusiasm to play with sticks and string and all I ended up with was a dirty, fangled piece of something with a few stitches holding things together.  My teacher was the sweetest lady though and helped me unravel that mess and begin again.  I ended up with a semi-decent square-ish piece of fabric with just a couple LARGE holes!  But she was so happy and oohed and aahed over my first finished object.  She was the sweetest teacher:)  I brought it home and used it as a blanket for my doll for a long time.

I never knit another thing after that until I went to a craft fair in 2003 and saw this Danish lady knitting all sorts of pretty little things.  She made it look so lovely and interesting and easy even!  I picked up the needles again and cast on for a hat…using a pattern!  I haven’t been able to put the needles down since!

This knitting thing that I took up as a hobby has become a part of my everyday.  Sometimes I have to force myself to stop chanting the one-more-row mantra and put my knitting down.  But the best thing about knitting is the joy that working with my hands has brought me.  It’s amazing when you knit something for a friend or a loved one and they can’t stop grinning when you give it to them.  (Yes, the Shawl Collared Cowl I gave Vineet for Christmas has been used almost constantly since he opened the package…  WIN!! Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.Smiley-Faces.org I will post pictures soon)

I’m excited about continuing my knitting journey in 2011 because my love/obssession/passion/whatchumaycallit for this craft has made me a better person! 

 P.S: Also, I love to play with pretty yarnzzzz

Happy 2011 everyone!!!!

9 thoughts on “A Year Of Knitting

  1. desiknitter

    Beautiful, Preethi! The projects are gorgeous, but as always I also love your photography. Sweaters are my favourite drug too, but I won’t be knitting as many anymore… may be baby ones at best. But it is lovely to see so many gorgeous, well-fitting sweaters here. Keep it up, and happy new year!


  2. Jocelyn

    I’m late! I’m late!
    I was skimming through this yesterday as I was waiting for photos to upload to my posts and admittedly had no time to digest everything. But now I have and may I say, BRAVO, on your accomplishments last year. This despite a house move which is most stressful on its own!

    But I have to ask, where is the FO-to of the Tarty Tea Leaves?


  3. knitnkanmani

    i just sent u a mail asking abt the cowl 🙂
    did we study in the same school ,supw is where i first cast on stitches too
    All the knits are fantastic and are drool worthy ..double drool worthy in fact because the yarn deserve a drool of its own 🙂


  4. Leila

    Your writing is as wonderful as your knitting. I enjoy reading your blogs, admiring your beautiful knitting pieces and soulful photography. I love to follow you to the next knitting journey in 2011. I feel you are so close every time you post a comment on my blogs, words of cheers, words of comfort. I feel like we are old friends even though we have not met in person.
    May the New Year bring to you and your loves ones prosperity, happiness, peace, good health and especially to you lots of free time to knit. May our friend ship last forever.


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