The kids were out till late last night trick-or-treating and they came back with a stash so awesome that I’m tempted to call dibs on some of their goodies.  But I shall refrain since this is their stash, so I’ll stick with yarn! 

Being a part of a smaller community like ours is great for celebrations like this where everyone gets involved and it all ends with a good old late night BBQ.  This huge sucker wasn’t on display in our town last night but I had to share this picture since it was Pumpkin Day yesterday (picture taken at the Fort Langley Cranberry Festival)

And now the kids have enough candy to last them well into 2011!  Fun times!!

…and because I’m biased being her mommy and all, more cuteness…

8 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. Kelly

    I love those huuuge pumpkins! They have water races every year in NS paddling in the shells of the pumpkins, looks like a lot of fun. Your sparkly fairy and clown are very cute… wish I had a stash to raid 🙂


  2. Kerry

    I’m playing catch up here on your blog. Your lovely little fairy is absolutely adorable & your clown is so colourful! I’ve been trying to get away to Seattle for the last 2 years, and something always gets in the way — I want to see the market, too! Love the yarn haul 🙂


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