I’ve been off the radar for a while.  Life happened, computer crashed….yada-yada. 

It’s time to hit Reset and begin afresh!

The summer went by real quick which means….bring on the cool weather knitting!  I’m plugging away on my Audrey in Unst (uh-huh, that’s still on the needles), but I want to begin knitting Emelie (Ravelry link) and this year maybe even knit a few woolly Christmas presents.

Back with actual knitting content soon – I have to show you the completed sleeve on my Audrey.  Have a great weekend everyone:)

4 thoughts on “Reset

  1. Kelly

    I’ve been wondering the last few weeks what happened to you. Glad things are ok. Love Emelie too, its on my list to knit and now that Wray is finally off the needles i’m hoping to get some things finished so I can start something new!


  2. Leila

    I love Audrey and Emelie. My Audrey still needs one and a half sleeves before she can go dancing…sigh…I always have ” a thing” with knitting long sleeves. So glad to see you back ^_^


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