I’ve been trying to think of something meaningful to blog about, but all I’ve got is random.  But random is better than silent, right?

So….I’m craving raspberries ever since I heard the weird but cute Peter MacNicol (a.k.a Larry Fleinhardt) say that the Milky Way must taste like raspberries.  The Audrey cardi on my needles is the same color as those delicious berries, which doesn’t make things any easier. I cannot ignore this craving any longer…. and no folks, I ain’t preggo!

Another bit of randomness is that I saw my first bunch, yes BUNCH of grizzly bears in the wild last weekend.  We were taking the Peak2Peak Gondola ride up in Whistler to the tip of the mountains in the picture above and there were so many bear families foraging about in the brush below.

Please excuse the blurry picture, but aren’t they sweet – the Mama and her cubs

The abundance of bear is probably because the Fraser River has just had largest salmon run of the century – 30 million sockeye salmon!  Now, that’s A LOT of fish in one place. Speaking of salmon, I can smell our dinner cooking – Salmon that’s been glazed with mustard and maple. Ridiculously simple and deadly yummy!

The sleeve (yes, I’m still on the first sleeve) of my Audrey is going slow.  But I love the whole set-in-seamless-sleeve construction.  This is the first sleeve I’ve knit using this method and I don’t think that there will ever be any turning back for me where sleeves are concerned.  I’ll blog about all of the technical details in a future blog post.  But first, I gotta finish this sleeve!!

5 thoughts on “Random

  1. Kelly

    We have raspberries growing all over the place down back, come on over and pick away 😉
    We also have a bear or two kicking around here, Moose saw one run across the road in front of him when he was running with the dogs.


  2. asha

    raspberries now u hv gotten me craving …..salmon ..wow 2 food items mentioned,n both r my favs .can u post pix pls 🙂
    cannot think of fish of anything but spicy …pp which recipe is it ?lemme see


  3. Jocelyn

    I’ll take five of random please!
    I love Larry, he’s uber cool, in that nerdy kind of way.
    Okay, so I’m waiting to read about the guy in dreadlocks playing the guitar.


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