Homemade blueberry pie…yum-O!!  Homemade knitting…hmmm…  I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately with regards to my Summer Tee.  I’m usually not pouty and whiny about knitting patterns, but this particular pattern is making me wah-wah-whine!

See what I mean?  I don’t like the look of the floppy ribbing and how the lace panel insert is making the neck pucker all funny.  Also, the lace was too busy for this yarn, in my opinion.  There are plenty of gorgeous Rusted Roots on Ravelry, but I guess it was just not working for me. 

Vineet actually peeked at the pattern when I began knitting it and said, “hey, the lady’s knitting is crooked” (he was referring to the lace panel being off to one side).  I didn’t want to get into a technical discussion with him that the pattern actually intends it to be that way! 

I don’t think that moving it to the center would be flattering  – it would look like a great divide.  So, I was going to knit a plain stockinette top seeing that I was determined to repurpose this yarn. 

Enter the vast gold mine of information that is Ravelry….. 

A look at the project page showed that several knitters have done mods to their tops and there was one with an all over swiss dot pattern that I ♥!!!    So much so that I’m being a total copy cat!

What do you think?  Better? Or, who am I kidding??

6 thoughts on “Handmade vs Homemade

  1. knitnkanmani

    hey is that Parika’s ..I searched after you mentioned swiss dots..both of them look good…the one with ribbing looks classy when worn and swiss dot pattern looks classy too.Love both patterns 🙂


  2. BloreKnitter

    It’s definitely much better. Sometimes the yarn and the project just don’t work together. Gorgeous yarn, wonderful pattern but they are not meant for each other.


  3. Swapna

    Have I said how much I admire your photography? Wonderful.
    I like the colour on your top, not that I could make out why you didn’t like it in its first iteration. But I do like the spotty (er) version. There is a crochet cardigan which looks vaguely like that that’s been in my mental queue for ages.


  4. Rain

    Oh wow this is the pattern that you are knitting for your summer top?!!! I LOVE IT!!! This is going to look beautiful on you!

    I like the mods you’ve made too.


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