The only Christmas knitting I did this year is the Drive-Thru cardigan for Kiki.  The knitting is done and it’s been blocking for a couple days now but still feels damp.  Time to move the blocking board up close to the heat.

With all the Christmas frenzy that has befallen us again this year, I haven’t really wanted to cast on for a large(r) project (my Vine Yoke Cardi is still on the needles, but I wanted something new) and I also haven’t been able to shake off the cable craze that I talked about recently. 

So, I found the perfect pattern to… 
* get my cable fix
* stash bust
***** turn out to be useful once finished

The pattern I chose is Chevaliar Mittens.  I’m already done with one mitten and I might even finish the second mitt before the Drive-Thru has Dried-Thru (cheesy, oh well!!!)  These mittens……..sooooo warm, me likes!!!  No knitting pictures this time with all the greylight that has sucked away our daylight.  Sunshine predicted tomorrow, although, the weatherman has been getting things consistently wrong lately!!!

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  1. kerry

    Beautiful photo! Seems like a distant memory already, since the rain washed away all our lovely snow 🙁

    I love the mitten pattern and have had it in my queue for some time, waiting for the opportune moment!


  2. frillbow

    I knit a pair of Chevaliers for someone last year and it was a real struggle to give them away! Aren’t they just a lovely fit? Nice and snug round the wrist.

    Happy New Year Preeti!


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