Nope, it’s not my blogiversary.

Kirtana turned two years old today and the exciting journey continues as we watch her grow each day in so many ways – mind and body and spirit. 

Kiki at two

May this phase of the widely proclaimed “Terrible Two’s” pass mildly for us.  All the same, with kids – the good will always outweigh the not so good.

Happy Birthday, KiKi-Bee!

12 thoughts on “Two Today

  1. Pearlin

    Happy Birthday Darling Kiki!!God Bless you .Many hugs and Kisses
    She looks adorable in this picture!

    ps.Never knew you call her Kiki bee , I always add bee to my boys as well ! 🙂


  2. Yasmin

    Happy birthday Kirtana . She looks gorgoeus. Yes, however terrible the two yrs age is , it definately makes up by bringing out the cutest of stuff.
    And seriously , Preeti, you take some really great pictures. This one is amazing too.


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