Knit Wars

I had to laugh when I saw this today.  Knitters are being referred to as ‘Craftivists’ in this article and following a whole lot of knit and crochet graffiti spotted throughout the city, officials are warning knitters of possible knit graffiti fines


So the mystery is solved…there is a knit police out there.  And get this, they don’t really care if you check your gauge or not, but if you’re having fun with your craft and it gets strewn on the street, then watch out!

So I knit….peacefully

Knit Peace

8 thoughts on “Yarn War

  1. Jocelyn

    Looks like a really cozy corner for your knitting. Love the red lamp. Is that the Ishbel? Come on, you’re teasing with sneak peeks. Let’s see it spread out!


  2. iaminchennai

    I am drooling at the white furniture… Is it the result of your garden furn shopping.
    Something related to Knit graffiti is going on here also.. They are making squares on huge needles to cover a part of a public place.. and then they will take them down-wash-resew-tomake blankets for the homeless.. complex charity knitting 🙂


  3. Yasmin

    Wow! Lovely garden furniture. Is that knitting spot? Looks really peaceful. and what is that lovely knit out there> To many questions I know …..:-).
    I like that ‘Knit police’! I wonder if these things happened around here would anybody know it’s knitting / crochet / yarn related? Here when you ask for yarn in most places you get that blank ‘ now what on earth is that ‘ look.


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