How to make my favourite ice-cream

My favourite ice-cream is called citrus twist and its very sour.

To make my favourite ice-cream you will need ice, cream, milk and my favourite lemon and lime juice.

First you take the ice and mix it up with cream and milk and mix it all together then you take the ice-cream and roll it into a ball

with your hand put it in the freezer (ooh chilly!) and wait for a day and then put some of the juice in a hole and you have my favourite ice-cream. 


So, my sweet Prithvi has asked me many times if he could write on my blog and I’ve always said no, or maybe later, or blogging is not really for kids, etc etc.  In my mind, I always kept wondering if he would spill some deep dark secret of mama’s – ok, I’m pretty much an open book, but you know, I was just shy about what he might say.  I finally gave in and this was what he came up with for the first post of “Prithvi Blogs”.  Funny, sweet kid.

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