There’s something wrong with this picture…

I am knitting socks!!!  I’m using DPNs to knit these socks!!!

Isn’t this the Sandlands where it’s perpetual flip-flops weather???  

Isn’t knitting in the round with size 2 DPNs just like a game of pick-up-sticks (a game that I suck at, let me add)???  

I’ll let you know what happens once I’m done knitting the cuff.  Let me tell you, small circumference knitting with so many sticks involved is scary stuff!!  Any tips from sock knitters out there are always welcome.

By the way, on my needlesssssss is the humble beginnings of the Through The Loops Mystery Sock celebrating Socktoberfest.  I’ve cast on with some lovely Sweet Georgia Superwash Merino yarn.

8 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. mamie

    the sweet georgia is really lovely. i am not the greatest fan of socks but i always use the magic loop method when i knit them, one long needle and no lost stitches. and there is a flip flop sock and a summer sockette on ravelry, pattern search should reveal them


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