We did lots of travelling around South India this summer and one of the places we hit was Coorg.  This mini vacation was amazing because this was meant to be a break to just unwind and do nothing but chill.  It was just that – absolutely relaxing!!

The Orange County Resort where we stayed was the best, I would highly recommend it. Freshly brewed coffee from coffee beans grown on the resort’s plantations, yummm!

While travelling along the coast, we made an impromptu stop at the beach.  It was Kirtana’s first time in the salty water and while she was excited to play in the sand and watch everyone sloshing about in the waves, she was not too thrilled about getting her feet wet. But we dunked her in anyway.

Notice those four tiny “toofs”:)  These munchkins are growing up so fast!

Prithvi and Kirtana - Summer '08

Prithvi and Kirtana - Summer

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  1. Yasmin

    Ooh ! I love Orange County too. Been there about 8 years back. Thinking of a repeat visit this december. Lovely to see those first time for babies , right? My son asked me ‘who has kept so much hidden here?’ when he first saw the beach!


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