All the blocks for my son’s Mexico Quilt are done.  Hooray!

Road To Mexico 1

I love the combination of the golds, blues and greys and this is going to make a great quilt once it’s done.  Haha, that’s the kicker… once it’s done!
Road To Mexico 3

Given the massive size of each block in this quilt, it should be super speedy. Sadly, speed is not my speed!!  So witty, right?!

Road To Mexico 2

Wait there’s more.

Ta-da!  Zinger block in the mix!

Road To Mexico 5

My son wanted me to add some weird stuff (his words) and we tried different combinations… a solid, a really dark charcoal, a green.  Nothing really did it for us.  Then he pulled out this deep red fabric from the pile of contenders and we placed it with the other fabrics.  Squinted at it, stared at the pile some more and thought it might work.

I don’t know if this will be a good idea or not.  I’ll put these blocks together and then decide if it works overall or just looks odd.

Road To Mexico 4

Oh, I’ll keep my seam ripper handy just in case 😉

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6 thoughts on “Road To Mexico

  1. Vicky

    This is going to be awesome, I like your son’s thinking! Those little mix ups make a quilt special and interesting, keep heading in that direction =)


  2. Preeti

    I am sure it will be done soon. You can take the time to enjoy the process, sip your tea and admire the changing colors. When we are rushed, more mistakes happen. It will be beautiful, because you took the time!


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