When a collection of things are strung together and hung up, it always creates a festive mood.  After bunny one and bunny two, I decided that we needed some more festivity and this time I was going for quick.

Festive 4

So, I sewed some buntings!  Bunting… such a funny word 🙂

Festive 1

For this bunting (hehe!), I used scrap bits of patterned fabric for the fronts and backed them with a large red and white dot.

Festive 2

Sewn onto a length of ribbon and up this went in Kiki’s room.

Festive 3

For the larger, even quicker version, I used a bigger template and a few charm squares. I left the edges raw on these and didn’t back them with a contrasting fabric either.

Festive 5

I think I’ll hang this above the fireplace in our family room… after she’s done twirling with it, of course!

Festive 7

I have to add that I finished both of these in under an hour with the help of my triangle-sorting assistant who is home from school today. The plumbing at her elementary school is shot and so while they get that fixed, 500 kids are home today with moms scrambling to shuffle schedules!!

Festive 8

Now that we’re set with festive decorations, all we need are some good tunes and maybe some confetti 😉

Festive 6

7 thoughts on “Festive Buntings

  1. Kelly

    Hahahah I love these pics of Kiki so fun! She looks a lot like V in the last one.
    Fabulous buntings! I made a felt birthday banner for T but I’ve always wanted bunting too….. I’m too scared of my sewing machine though..


  2. Alice

    They are too cute ! I’ve always wanted to make one too, – knitted one that is. Sewing seems so much quicker , of course it helps if you know how..lol.
    Kiki is looking so grownup in these pictures , I don’t get to see her on Mondays anymore 🙂


  3. Nicky

    You and the little lady look like you had so much fun. Cheers for Mummy and daughter days. <3

    And you're absolutely right — bunting is such a funny word. I feel like I should go look up where its origin is. 😀


  4. Jocelyn

    Looks like a lot of fun! I have been thinking about making buntings too to liven up the house. It’s easy enough that I don’t need to attend a bunting-making class right?


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