Just popping by to say hi:)  We’re in between house-guests so things have been quite topsy turvy at our house.  Despite all of this, I’ve actually managed some progress on my Geo thanks to evenings spent sitting around swapping stories and memories and enjoying plenty of laughs.  I love evenings like these!!

Sweater progress….details are what makes the Geodesic pattern different from any plain old stockinette cardigan.  Connie Chang-Chinchio is well-known for her cardigan patterns and this pattern doesn’t disappoint.  The faux seam, the waist shaping via darts, the tucks done with short rows, the very interesting construction for set-in-sleeves, these are the details I’m referring to.  

I’m done with the waist shaping and begun the tucks.  I’ve used just one skein of Malabrigo Lace until now.  Man, this yarn hauls!!  Now, if it just wouldn’t pill with use!!!

Back in a few days:)

6 thoughts on “Details

  1. kerry

    That’s coming along nicely! It’s my turn for house guest, who’ll be arriving on Monday from Scotland, so I don’t suppose I’ll be getting much knitting done, either!


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