My Textured Yoke Cardigan (Ravelry link)…c’est fini!

Textured Yoke Cardigan

Pattern: 113-17 Jacket with Raglan Sleeves by DROPs Design
Yarn: Madelinetosh Eyre in “Moorland”
Needles: Size US 8/5 mm

I did a few mods to the pattern :: reduced the number of stitches when I cast on and added the button bands later.  Also, I changed a bit of the yoke pattern to seed stitch and altered the sleeve length to get long sleeves. 

The Madelinetosh Eyre is just a dream to knit with like I’ve said before.  After it’s been blocked, it’s a luxurious molten hug. 

The only downside to blocking this sweater is that the garment has grown lengthwise, body sleeves and all.  I don’t usually wear my sweaters this long, but oh well.  I guess my row gauge was off by a mile!!!

This project took less than 8 skeins and I have almost 5 skeins of yarn leftover.  I think that I may just be able to get another garment out of it – a vest maybe, or a sweater for the tot.  That’s for another day.

21 thoughts on “Molten Hug

  1. kelly

    Love it, I like that the yarn is semi solid, shows off the pattern nicely. Now what I really want to know is where the heck is your snow???
    I see now where your daughter gets her gorgeous curls from!


  2. Jocelyn

    OMG! That is just beautiful, Preeti! Amazing photos from Vineet too. Less than 8 skeins huh? Yu’re considerably smaller than me so chances are whatever I decide to knit I will use all 14 skeins of my Eyre!

    I love the seed stitch on the yoke, and the buttons look gorgeous. Thanks for the note about the length post-blocking.

    Molten hug……..nice way to put it.


  3. bloreknitter

    The cardigan is absolutely stunning. I love the colors. You look stunning in that cardigan. I don’t want to come across as picky, but aren’t the first two buttons closer together than the next two buttons? Is that intentional? BTW, love the phrase ‘Molten Hug’.


  4. mamie

    i love it, the yarn and pattern and the pictures of you. so awesome.

    are you ready for the olympics? are you knitting through them or just taking it easy and going to the games? hope it is fun either way.


  5. The Verandah

    Amazing Cardi and a stunning model 😉 I am totally there for the last snap… who is the photographer? :-)The seed stitch is a nice touch and i have to say its a beautiful color…..


  6. knitnkanmani

    I would hv not suspected you had kids at all
    🙂 when I first saw the snaps I thought your neice or someone else was modeling for u and then i saw ur dubai posts and then realised u were the person knitting .


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